Commercial Snow Removal & Ice Mgt

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At Property Services Corporation, we understand the mission of snow removal and plowing. We help minimize lost revenue from impassable roads, and stop potential slip and falls from happening on your property. We have a solution to keep your operation from closing its doors during any snowstorm.

You can always trust us to make the right call on any situation to better you and your customers during the cold winter months. A site manager will always perform hourly check-ups on your location. We made it our mission to understand and prepare for whatever curveball mother nature might throw. From side by side, snow blowers, to pick up trucks, dump trucks, skid steers to payloaders we have every piece of equipment, with a trained professional.

We keep on hand over 500 tons of road salt in our holding barn for parking lots, an impressive amount of pallets of rock salt, and calcium chloride for your sidewalks. We have an abundance of employees ready to handle the worst weather elements.

Our employees are available around the clock, 24-hours a day, 7 days a week during any snowfall.

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